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Underground record-label since 1995. Been on a hiatus for several years, but now returning to fill your life with that wonderful noice we call music.

Reincarnation in filth

NewsPosted by Putrid Filth Wed, July 26, 2017 01:55:02
Coming in autumn of 2017.

GUILLOTINE TERROR - Black Rebel Storm 12”LP
GUILLOTINE TERROR - Japanese Corruption 12”LP

Hardcore/Punk with an inclination to death metal from Tokyo, Japan.
Formed in May 1990, Guillotine Terror started releasing their first EP and their albums under their own label, Battle Planning. And so they have even to this day.
Putrid Filth is honored to have been given the confidence of re-releasing the bands two first albums, for the first time on vinyl.

SAUNA - Discography 2xLP / CD

A gem from the early years of Swedish crust-punk. Mainly known for their split LP with Disrupt, Sauna played high-speed d-beat, straight-forward, no-bullshit crust-punk. The bands earliest material had some guttural, growling vocals which was at the time more common in the Death Metal scene.
Members went on to play in 3-Way Cum, Parasit, Voidfiller and several other bands.
Cover & more info to be revealed.

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